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Outdoor Lighting, Drainage, & Pool Financing Services in St Louis, MO

Outdoor Services, St Louis, MO It is great to have a beautiful and functional landscape and lawn. It is even more important to take the right steps to preserve, protect, and highlight it. At Outdoor Systems, we provide specialized outdoor lighting services in St Louis, MO, to help you highlight your landscape and architectural features. Our professional drainage services help protect your landscape from soil erosion and potential damage. We also provide pool financing solutions to help you install a new pool or upgrade an existing pool without breaking the bank.

Outdoor Lighting

No two landscapes are the same and no two homeowners have the same outdoor lighting preferences and requirements. We customize our landscape lighting services and solutions to each client’s property and specific needs. We plan and install lighting for your landscape, trees, shrubbery, and architectural structure. Besides, we also provide lighting servicing and maintenance throughout St Louis, MO.

We will help you choose an outdoor lighting style based on the purpose. The common lighting effects include:

  • Accent lighting to accentuate the softscape and hardscape elements.
  • Pool area lighting to add ambiance to your poolscape and make your nighttime dips safer.
  • Architectural lighting to make your home’s architecture shine.
  • Driveway, walkway, and pathway lighting.
  • Deck, patio, and gazebo lighting.
  • Sports court lighting.
  • Inground lighting.
  • Motion lighting.
  • Uplighting and downlighting.

We plan all our outdoor lighting solutions for our clients around safety, aesthetics, and entertainment value. As these features add more functionality to your property and make it more attractive, they will certainly add to your home’s market value.


Our irrigation and drainage experts will design a system that considers your landscape’s properties, especially the pressure and flow. Whether you need existing zones to be retrofitted or add new zones, we can take care of it. We also provide rainwater collection solutions and install products from the most reputed brands including Rain Bird, Toro, and Hunter Irrigation.

We can plan and install a complete draining system including:

  • Downspouts
  • French drains
  • Gutter drains
  • Basement wall waterproofing

Soil re-grading can be performed to direct the flow of water away from your home’s foundation. We can develop a comprehensive plan to keep water from entering your home.

Our drainage solutions are focused on helping our clients achieve the following advantages:

  • Preventing water damage to your property.
  • Minimizing any risk of mosquito infestation.
  • Reducing the risk of soil erosion and damage to the foundation.
  • Maintaining your lawn’s beauty by preventing washout or drowning.
  • Eliminating standing water and slippery areas.

Our drainage solutions are focused on creating effective stormwater management and developing efficient irrigation solutions. We are driven by our goal to make our clients happy and their properties healthier. It may require installing a new French drain or fixing the gutters. We always exceed our client expectations to take care of our client’s property.

Pool Financing

We take pride in offering our clients access to a wide range of pool financing options through our trusted insurance provider. We focus on helping you choose the best financing solution for your specific goals and needs. Adding a new pool or upgrading an existing pool in your yard should not set you back by a big amount.

We make the process of pool financing simple, quick, and convenient for our clients. You can take advantage of our online pre-application and special lending programs for optimal convenience and speed. There are both equity and unsecured lending options for you to explore.

When it comes to your landscaping projects, you can rely on Outdoor Systems for all kinds of hardscaping, softscaping, and outdoor living area projects. We have been providing full-service landscaping installation and maintenance services to our clients in St Louis, MO, since 2006. For more information about our services or to discuss your project, call us at 618-281-8270 or click here to write to us.